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United Safety Incorporated.

Concrete pump Inspection, repair and safety

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Pro Services for Your Concrete Pump Business

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Structural Repair

Engineer drafted and certified repair procedures

Power Line Warning Systems

Pouring Concrete from Above

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Repair proceedures crafted and certified by our stuctural engineers

An inside look at our process of performing repairs and providing repair procedures for concrete pumps

We take the guesswork out of repairing your pump.

​USI has recognized the increasing need to have damaged or worn out pump components analyzed and proper repair procedures drafted by a structural engineer. By having a licensed engineer create a repair plan or procedure you can ensure that the repair will be of the highest quality. Every repair procedure performed or released by USI is certified by an independent third party engineer–providing you with the highest quality repairs in the industry.​ USI can provide these repairs for you or provide procedures for you to self perform.

There is a growing trend in the concrete pumping industry of the inability to find factory recommended repair procedures–especially if your pump is out or warranty. Having a certified procedure created by a licenced structural engineer will ensure that any repairs will greatly increase the lifespan and safety of the assembly/part being repaired.

Contact us today to have your pump inspected, repaired, or to purchase an engineer-crafted and certified repair procedures for your concrete pump.

Concrete Wall

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Power Line Warning Systems

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